Getting the Right Design for Small Modular Homes

Over the past few years, modular homes and modular construction technology have gained immense popularity in India. It is ann intelligent concept, and considering the vast shortage of quality living spaces, it is also the need of the hour. Particularly in metropolitan cities, people prefer small compact houses due to increased real estate rates and ease of maintenance. Modular homes offer a quick and effective solution to meet the housing needs of the increasing population.


These homes are available in a wide range of designs and are an excellent alternative to traditional brick and mortar homes. Today, with the help of modular construction service providers like Nest-In, you can get the best designed modular homes that perfectly suit your needs and lifestyle.


But, if you are not sure of the design, here are a few tips that can help you get started. Generally, modular construction service providers like Nest-In provide a wide range of standard designs that you can choose from..


The standard designs are easy to build, and since the service providers are well acquainted with all the elements, the construction can be finished quickly. But, if you have a specific concept in mind, you can also custom design your modular home. There are hundreds of ways to customise your home in terms of layout, wall finishes, interiors, etc., to meet your needs.


If you want to build a custom-designed modern prefab home, you may have to work closely with the modular home service provider in terms of concept, design, layout, etc. Generally, these service providers have a team of experts who create a design as per your ideas and execute it flawlessly to convert your dream to a reality.


You can customise the home in terms of the number of rooms you want, the size of the rooms, the placement of fittings and interior elements , etc. The experienced service providers can suggest valuable ideas so that you can make optimum use of the space available in your modular home.



For the best small modular homes, you can get in touch with Nest-In today. They have a flagship modular home model called Nestudio. It is a designer grade modular home solution that is aesthetically brilliant, with exquisite interiors, and most of all, it is fully customisable. Lastly, Nest-In can help you build your dream space within six weeks.

Posted in Nestudio on Jun 16, 2021.


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  • Marina ledlie 1 month ago
    I am looking to build a farmhouse on our land.Is it feasible to build a farmhouse in Our layout in Malewad Sindudurg Maharashtra?
    • Hi, Thank you for reaching out to us. Kindly share your contact number, and our representative will connect with you shortly to understand your requirements. You can also reach us at 1800 108 8282 or write to us at for further assistance.

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