EzyNest is Tata Steel Nest-In’s modular toilet that provides an effective, end-to-end sanitation solution for communities.

Life begins only when basic necessities are fulfilled. While food, water, clothing and shelter are pillars on which human life rests, in the modern age, good sanitation is as critical a need due to its direct relation with health. With thousands being deprived of clean toilets due to a variety of reasons, Tata Steel decided that it wanted to contribute in this respect.

Tata Steel has always pioneered innovations that help improve the quality of life of the individual and the community. In keeping with how the Government took up the issue of sanitation and cleanliness, launching the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Tata Steel Nest-In launched its modular toilet called EzyNest. This solution was aimed at countering the sanitation problems in areas where the community does not get access to clean public toilets. EzyNest modular toilets are thermally insulated, generate minimal construction waste, are equipped with waste management facilities, and large parts of the unit are recyclable. The toilets are extremely easy and quick-to-construct, and can be installed on the harshest of terrains and remotest of locations, provided the installation pre-requisites are met. EzyNest modular toilets provide a hygienic environment to the community, help to spread the transmission of diseases, and contribute to basic health for all.

Features and Benefits

Attractive design & colour options
Robust & insulated steel superstructure
Value for money: Cost-effective solution
Installation by a trained professional team
Specially designed option for differently-abled individuals
High speed Hassle-Free Construction
One-stop solution with waste management, plumbing & electrical fittings

Specially Abled friendly modular toilet

Hand Railing
Slope Entry
High Wash Basin

Applications of EzyNest

EzyNest is the perfect choice for a decision-maker who is looking for a one-stop community sanitation solution with good waste management and easy maintenance. Some ideal application sites would be:

Public spaces in cities & villages
Railway stations & airports
Tourist spaces and monuments
Project sites