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Nestudio is a designer grade, modular home extension solution from the house of Tata Steel.

When we think of prefabricated homes that can be installed rapidly, we mostly reflect on their convenience and not aesthetics. Our dream houses are conjectured to be aesthetically brilliant with exquisite architecture, brilliant interiors and amazing design but they all come at a price of hard work and dedication. With prefab homes, the common impression is that utility is the ultimate goal and looks are difficult to achieve.

But what if we tell you that we have finally found a solution that lets you combine the construction convenience of prefab homes with the design elements of a carefully planned brick-and-mortar home? Yes, you heard it right! With Nestudio, the premium range of Tata Steel’s prefabricated modular housing, you can now extend or create your living or working space as a designer structure. Nestudio ensures maximum comfort and hassle-free, while providing interiors and exteriors with a premium finish. Today, with space being a major constraint, there is a huge need for optimal space utilization. This designer home solution from Nest-In fulfills this need with aesthetic structures, that are not just sturdy, but stylish too. Nestudio comes with a suite of options for air conditioning, digital lighting and more, just like a regular house.

What’s more? You can now move into your dream space in just 6 weeks!

Features and Benefits

Here are some reasons why you should consider Nestudio


Move in within 6 weeks

Sturdy construction with minimal waste

Low maintenance structure

10-15% more usable space than RCC structures

Freedom to customize & put your personal identity onto the home

Ready-to-move Solution constructed with minimal disturbance to your daily life

Reusable steel structure

Equipped with branded fittings and accessories



Conference rooms

Resorts & Cottages

Functional rooms
(Gym or activity room, study room etc.)

Rooftop house
(Extra living space)

One Floor Offices