Smart EzyNest

Smart, one-stop sanitation solutions for a smarter tomorrow

Smart EzyNest is a range of automated modular toilets from the house of Tata Steel, designed to provide a complete sanitation solution for the masses.

With the changing needs of the society we live in, there arises a need for positive change across all sectors, especially health and hygiene. Being one of life’s basic necessities in modern times, it is core to the well-being of the public. As changes in urban architecture manifest, better sanitation invariably becomes the need of the hour. With the advent of technology across all sectors, community sanitation models were long due for an upgrade and it was primarily that which made us come up with a product like Smart Ezynest.

The major challenge with the existing sanitation system lay in the usage pattern and personnel-heavy maintenance. Hygiene standards varied from place-to-place due to the inability of the relevant authorities to define and maintain uniform cleaning standards.

Features and Benefits

Here are some reasons why you should consider SmartEzyNest

Entry restricted when there is no power or water
On entering inside lights operate automatically
Door opens on Coin Drop/Button Push. Bolting from inside is manual
Automatic pre & post flush cleaning
Emergency exit
Automatic shut down before resources finish
Safe to use & easy to maintain
Occupancy indicator
Warning for 2 adult entry
Easy to clean surface material & floor design
Periodic automatic power spray cleaning

Optional Features

  • Solar Panels
  • Bio-Membrane Tank / Sewage Treatment Plants
  • Air Conditioners
  • Napkin Incinerator and Napkin Vending Machines
  • Audio / Video Systems Advertisement Displays
  • Aromatic Dispensers

Designed to accommodate the physically disabled

Sensor based
hand wash basin
Hand railing to
assist movement
Designed keeping
safety & comfort in mind
Sliding door
to facilitate ease of entry
proof design
Ramp leading
to the entry

Applications of Smart Ezynest

Smart Ezynest is the perfect solution for government authorities looking for alternative solutions to manually-operated toilets for the ease of management. Please find below the ideal places of installation for the same here:

Public Toilets in Cities
Tourist Places & Monuments
Airports and Railway Stations
Corporate Parks