The Rapid, Robust, Revolutionary Building Solution 

HabiNest is a light gauge steel frame construction solution, suitable for building academic institutional buildings like schools and hostels, residential buildings, plant offices and other industrial amenities, community centres, mass housing, cafeterias and more.

In today’s world, everything is changing rapidly. With depleting resources, it’s more important now than ever to utilise the world’s resources wisely and work with the most sustainable technology. The boom in population has highlighted one of the world’s most pressing problems right now – the shortage of efficient building solutions. Constructing the essential buildings while keeping an eye on natural resources and within an accelerated time frame seems a Herculean task. Thus arises the need for construction solutions which are both unconventional and innovative, but, as effective, and sometimes, even better than traditional construction.

This being the scenario, Tata Steel Nest-In launched HabiNest, a unique modular building construction solution designed for the Indian consumer. This one-stop turnkey construction solution is developed through the combined efforts of Tata Steel’s Global R&D teams based out of India and Europe. The HabiNest buildings are constructed in almost one-third the time it takes for conventional construction, are completely hassle-free, provide more usable space and are at the same time, extremely sturdy and suited for construction in disaster-prone areas.

Features and Benefits

Listed below are some of the key features of HabiNest,the LGSF construction solution:

High Speed Construction

HabiNest is a turnkey building solution that can be implemented across India with construction time nearly one-third as compared to conventional techniques. Construction of up to G+3 levels are possible with HabiNest.

High tolerance

Our buildings have a superior strength-to-weight ratio which lends them a very high tolerance to adverse weather conditions. They can withstand around 240km/h winds and seismic forces of zones IV & V under the International Building Code. Moreover, these are steel structures which make them extremely robust and more resistant to seismic disturbances than conventional housing.

Quality control

Due to rigorous checks at our manufacturing locations as well as onsite, quality standards are top-notch, leading to very few manufacturing defects in the components and few customer complaints as regards onsite execution. Tata Steel’s in-house steel is utilized, thus providing a high quality guarantee on material.

Use of cutting-edge technology

Nest-In uses proprietary software for the design of light gauge steel structures. All the walls, floor joints, roof truss, etc. are detailed to the last millimetre showing the position of the steel sections, their sizes and even the point where one member would be connected to the other.

Less weight, greater recyclability

Modular construction cuts down almost 70% of the weight of traditional construction and thus requires less foundation, less waste disposal and redeployment costs. The blueprint is also detailed down to exact specifications and thus reduces the amount of excess material. The structures are made of steel, which is completely recyclable and is a necessary property in a world aiming for sustainability.

Dimensional accuracy

Due to the nature of LGSF construction, tolerances as low as 0.5 mm can be achieved leading to quicker and error-free construction at site.

Safer construction

Less site labour coupled with controlled operations make LGSF construction significantly safer than traditional solutions.

Use on infill sites

Urban infill sites are pockets of land left behind when two buildings are constructed side by side. Modular construction is the better option here due to the difficulty in carrying out traditional construction methods in these sites.


As steel is not a food source for termites, choosing LGSF homes like HabiNest eliminates the termite problems prevalent in wood-based construction.

Applications of HabiNest

HabiNest is the right choice for people who are looking to build sturdy, multi-storeyed buildings within a quick span of time. Some ideal application sites would be:

Medical Buildings

Residential Buildings

Commercial Buildings

Hybrid Construction

Educational Buildings

Buildings for Armed Forces

Components and Specifications of HabiNest


Foundation & Plinth

  • Reinforced Concrete Foundation & Beams
  • Plinth filling & Compaction
  • Concrete Flooring with Floor Finishes


  • Light Gauge Steel. 0.8 mm 550 mPa, 250 GSM or AZ150 Galvalume
  • HR Steel as per Structural Requirements

Flooring System

  • LGSF Floor Joist & Flooring Boards & Tiles
  • Decking Sheet with Concrete & Tiles
  • Decking Sheet with Concrete & Laminated Wooden Flooring


  • Cement Particle Wall Boards FCB Boards
  • Gypsum Boards at the top Layers
  • Wall insulation with Rock Wool/Glass Wool
  • Exterior Paint, Wallpaper

Roofing System

  • Colour-coated Sheet
  • Galvalume Sheet
  • Roof Shingles/Clay Tiles