MobiNest - Prefabricated Office Cabins & Portable Office Containers

MobiNest is a steel-based portable cabin solution by Tata Steel Nest-In which aims to make living spaces easy-to-install and highly mobile.

MobiNest is a range of portable cabins from the house of Nest-In, which comes in customisable sizes and are designed to meet the fast-paced needs of the modern world. The cabins are portable, easy-to-install and can be relocated.

MobiNest is most commonly used at offsite workspaces for manufacturing, mining and construction companies and can also serve as an effective housing and sanitation solution. With the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic, MobiNest cabins have also been adapted for effective quarantine and isolation cabins to combat the outbreak.

The core structure is constructed from high strength steel of various grades depending upon the specific requirements and are provided with composite insulation panels to offer durable facets. MobiNest units also offer flexibility in terms of design and speed of installation.

Features & Benefits
of MobiNest
Features & Benefits
of MobiNest

Applications of MobiNest

Covid Offerings

Tata Steel Nest-In launched specialised isolation rooms and quarantine wards to combat the novel COVID'19 outbreak.
Nest-In took up the task of designing, developing and fabricating specialised solutions for one of the key healthcare infrastructure needs -
Quarantine Cabins and Isolation Cabins.

ready-to-use cabin
Zero wet
sandwich panels for
roof and walls
Pre-installed doors
and windows
Factory concealed
electricals and
Provision for HVAC,
sewage out, water
inlet, power inlet
Quarantine Cabin
  • A 40’x 10’ cabin with capacity of 5 Beds and one common toilet
  • Seating area for attendants
  • Additional roofing and elevated flooring for connecting walkways
Isolation Cabin
  • A 40’x 10’ Cabin with 3 separate isolation cabins with attached individual washrooms
  • Additional facility of ANTE room at the entrance of each cabin

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