Convenience meets comfort in these easily transportable cabins

MobiNest is a steel-based portable cabin solution from the house of Tata Steel which aims to make living spaces easy-to-install and highly mobile.

As communication becomes easier and distances shorter, it is our responsibility to pace ourselves in this fast-moving world and to find smarter and innovative solutions in keeping with the times. That is why we at Nest-In believe that smarter and more innovative construction is needed today for solving the needs of an ever-evolving consumer.

This is from where the concept of MobiNest emerged. The MobiNest series consists of a range of portable cabins that come in customizable sizes and are designed to meet the needs of 21st-century living spaces. These are most commonly used as workspaces in off-route locations of manufacturing, mining and construction companies, but also serve as effective housing and sanitation solutions where the need arises.

A typical customer for MobiNest would be the likes of a construction site manager. When working onsite, he/she requires a temporary space for ongoing official work or meetings. Not only is building a brick-and-mortar office using traditional methods cumbersome but also, once the construction work is done, the facility built becomes redundant. This is where high-quality, mobile, prefabricated offerings like MobiNest come in. They are portable, easy-to-install and can be reused and repurposed. spaces easy-to-install also offers flexibility in terms of design and speed of occupancy. What’s more? They generally come out cost-effective compared to conventional buildings.

Features and Benefits

Highly versatile

They can double up as offices, rest shelters in mines, toilet blocks, premium living spaces in tourist destinations, security cabins, conference rooms or as a development centre for classrooms, medical stores etc.


In addition to being versatile, they are customizable according to the needs of the user, coming in multiple layout and colour options.

Premium quality

Our diligence in only getting the best of products to you means that our quality checks are stringent, and done by a world-class certification agency, thus guaranteeing uniform quality assurance

Thermally-insulated structure

These structures are thermally insulated, thus preventing the user from facing discomfort in extreme temperature zones.

Durable and maintenance-free

These porta cabins are highly durable, being made of high-quality steel and maintenance required is low

Readily integrated with technology

The portable office cabins can be integrated with technology as per the demands of the service area they cater to, for example, a remote office cabin

After-sales support

After-sales support for all Nest-In products is our top priority. Be assured of quality support once the installation is complete

Applications of MobiNest

Mobinest is the ideal choice for someone who is looking for an easy-to-install, portable construction solution at places where brick-and-mortar installations are difficult. Some ideal applications would be:

Offices, housing, sanitation blocks, rest areas near mines, construction sites & manufacturing plants
Premium living spaces at tourist destinations
Quick solutions for guard huts and conference rooms
Developmental activity requirement for classrooms, medical stores etc.