Modular Home Designs with a Modern Flair

Modular homes have emerged as a potential alternative to traditional permanent home structures due to several advantages like 2-3 times faster construction, all weather-proof, and environment friendliness, among a list of other benefits.


Modular Homes

Modular home components are manufactured inside a factory-controlled environment away from the actual construction site. After manufacturing, these modules or components are transported to the actual location where they are installed with the help of engineers and workers.


Advantage of Modular Houses:


  • Sturdy Built Quality

Modular homes are generally built with insulated steel structures, making them robust and sturdy. The reusable steel structures can make these houses last for a long time, even in harsh weather conditions like extreme heat or cold or rain.


  • Environment Friendly

Since the bulk of construction work is done inside a manufacturing facility, modular homes generate lesser construction waste.

Moreover, the actual location of installation remains clean and unpolluted and does not disturb the local ecology. Therefore, these prefab homes can be very environment-friendly to their surroundings.


  • Energy Efficient

Modern modular house designs allow proper utilisation of space and natural light. Many of them can be customised with solar panel fittings and LED lightings that can help in saving electricity bills making them an energy-efficient home building option.


  • Timesaving

A traditional home can take 6 to 12 months of construction time, followed by interior decoration and other associated work. On the contrary, modular construction can be completed in 1/3rd the time than the conventional construction method.

For instance, you can move into a Nestudio, modular home from Nest-In by Tata Steel, in half the time it takes for construction a conventional brick-and-mortar home.


  • Modern Design Aesthetics

Reputed manufacturers can provide modern modular home designs that are aesthetically pleasing and attractive, and are equipped with branded fittings. Furthermore, there can be some design innovations as well to customise such homes as per the user’s requirements.


Useful Modular Home Design Ideas

Modular house designs can be tweaked to suit the various needs in India.


  • Residential Home

Modular home designs can be used to build a comfortable residential home fitted with all the modern amenities as per the customer’s requirement. 


  • Extension of Permanent Structure

Sometimes people want to make extensions to their permanent house. However, they could be unwilling to build such extensions with permanent structures for different reasons like undesired load on the existing old structure, etc.

Modular homes, due to it light weight is best suited for rooftop rooms, personal gym, office space etc.

Nestudio, Nest-In’s range of premium prefabricated living solutions, enables you to create a premium living or working space with well-designed structures. It ensures maximum comfort and hassle-free installation, providing interiors and exteriors with a premium finish.


Emergency Shelters

Be it the devastating floods in Assam or the frequent super cyclones hitting the coast of Odisha, India is regularly dealing with natural disasters. The immediate aftermath of such calamities is a large number of people requiring shelter. Modular homes and portable cabins can be easily and quickly deployed in such emergencies top provide much needed respite to lakhs of distressed citizens.


Apart from providing an alternative housing option, modular homes with modern design innovations have the potential to address a significant number of infrastructural challenges in India, such as construction of schools, colleges, hospitals, and industrial infrastructure. Modular construction today is rapidly gaining awareness and is a viable alternative to traditionally constructed buildings, and is indeed the future of construction in India.  


Posted in Nestudio on Dec 20, 2021.

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