The Modular Construction Evolution of The Hospitality Industry

When you think of modular construction, you may invariably think of large steel containers being put together like building blocks. While you may not be completely wrong, there is a lot more to modular construction.

Over the years, modular construction has gained immense popularity worldwide. Owing to the massive success of such homes, the modular construction techniques are now being used for other purposes and for larger commercial projects like building hotels and resorts.

As new building techniques are developed, the builders are constantly on the lookout for newer ways to improve building quality, lower the risk at the construction site and deliver the project faster. One possible solution that all builders and hotel owners are rapidly adopting is modular or prefabricated construction.

There are many hotels across US and Europe, ranging from 4-star hotels to model boutique hotels and resorts, which are being constructed using modular construction technology. Even the organisers and authorities behind major global events like the Olympics rely on this revolutionary technique to build accommodation facilities for athletes, support staff and officials.

Let us look at the reasons why developers are now slowly shifting to modular construction from the traditional methods for building hotels.


  • Overall project delivery time is reduced

One of the significant challenges of traditional construction is preparing the ground and laying the foundation before starting the construction process. This increases the construction time. However, with modular construction, the groundwork preparation and manufacturing of the different modules can be done simultaneously.

This saves a significant amount of time, and the project can be delivered 2-3 times faster than traditional construction methods and the hotels can be ready to start operations before schedule.


  • Maintain regulatory standards

Modular buildings are built inside a controlled factory environment where every process is done according to regulatory standards. Modular construction service providers ensure that they maintain the highest safety practices. and comply with industry standards.

Yet,’ modular construction gives the developers and the hotel owners the flexibility to make adjustments to the structures depending on the specific requirement. For example, if the hotel site is on the hill slopes, the structural engineers decide which parts bear more load so that the whole building maintains its structural integrity and stands firm through different weather conditions.


  • Superior quality

Modular buildings are constructed using the highest quality steel, and the overall structures are engineered to ensure  durability. Since the design and fabrication of different parts is done using the most advanced technologies, all the modules are are extremely detailed and .


  • Reduces the risk of on-site injuries

Since a significant proportion of modular construction is done using machineries, the whole process requires minimal labour interference. The operations are fully controlled and carried out as per stringent   guidelines. This significantly reduces the risk of on-site injuries and makes the construction process safer for all.

Nest-In by Tata Steel – the leaders of Modular Construction Technology in India

While modular construction in India is still gaining popularity, Nest-In by Tata Steel has been at the forefront of delivering modular projects of all sizes and volumes in over 26 states across the country.

One of their revolutionary modular construction solutions, known as HabiNest, is perfect for building hotels, residential complexes, university infrastructure and industrial amenities. . HabiNest buildings are built using Light Gauge Steel Frame construction, and is completed in almost one-third of the time it takes for traditional construction. At the same time, they are sturdy and suited for construction across all geographic conditions.

Posted in HabiNest on Dec 31, 2021.


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  • Ugen Norbu Jamyang 12 hours ago
    Please send me the details on the MobilNest and other products from Tata Nest-In
    • Hi. Thank you for messaging. Kindly visit for more details on our MobiNest solution and other offerings. You can also write to us on or call 1800 108 8282 or ill in the Enquiry Form at for further assistance.

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