An Innovative and Reliable Option for Smart Housing

Owing to the growing awareness about the limitations  of traditional construction methods, most people worldwide are now looking for a more innovative and convenient housing alternative. One of the most popular solutions that has gained immense popularity is prefabricated or modular homes.

Although, prefab homes are yet to become a mainstream  housing solution in India, they are slowly gaining acceptance and adoption popularity from all quarters owing to their utility, faster construction time, superior strength, and portability. In fact, the Government of India has been encouraging the use of prefabricated homes to bridge the massive gap between the demand and supply of housing units.

Prefabricated or modular homes are constructed using modern construction technologies. As the name suggests, the unit is made of different modules. These modules are manufactured in a controlled factory environment and then moved to the actual location for assembling and final finishing touches.


Let us look at some of the reasons why prefab homes are considered a reliable option for smart housing

  • Reduces construction time

One of the most significant benefits of prefab homes is that they can be constructed and delivered in half the time it takes for conventional construction. Unlike the traditional techniques where structures are built from the ground-up, modular construction involves building different modules simultaneously using advanced machinery and with utmost precision.

Also, since a significant portion of the construction takes place off-site, external factors like labour strikes, construction materials shortage, bad weather conditions, etc., is less likely to affect the construction process and time.

One of the most popular modular construction services in India is Nest-In by Tata Steel. They offer a wide range of prefabricated housing solutions. For example, one of the premium prefabricated product offering is Nestudio. It is a designer grade, modular home solution that combines brilliant interiors, aesthetically appealing designs, and robust premium quality structures.

Further, Nest-In by Tata Steel enables customisation of the housing units, and you can customise the space, design, structure, and interiors as per your requirement.. Once you finalise the design, you can move into your dream space in just half the time.


  • Offers great durability

While prefab homes facilitate faster construction, they do not compromise quality and durability. These homes have a superior strength-to-weight ratio, making them highly tolerant to adverse weather conditions. Such structures can withstand strong winds and harsh weather conditions. Also, these structures have higher resistance to seismic disturbances than RCC construction.

Since all the materials used for the construction undergo a rigorous quality check at the manufacturing location, you can be assured that your home is built using the highest quality materials.


  • Sustainable

One of the inherent features of a modular home is that it is built off-site making it highly sustainable. Prefab homes are built using resources more efficiently, and in fact utilise only 35% of the material resources in comparison to brick-and-mortar structures.

Now that you know the benefits of prefab construction, connect with Tata Steel Nest-In today to build your own prefab home and accomplish your long-cherished dream of owning a smart home.

Posted in Nestudio on Dec 31, 2021.

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