About ChargeNest

ChargeNest is a sustainable electric vehicle charging station which is uniquely designed and can be used for both commercial and personal purposes.

India is moving towards a sustainable electric vehicle solution to control the dangerously high vehicular pollution. Keeping this in mind, Tata Steel brings to you a unique EV charging station solution. With three variants, viz., Greeny, Diverge and Pro, our charging infrastructure acts as the foundation for a more economical, environmental, and effective electric vehicle ecosystem. The complete structure is made from Steel and FRP material and has a superior finish, look and appeal.

Choose what you need – and together, we will find the right solution for you.

Features & Benefits
of ChargeNest

Applications Of ChargeNest

ChargeNest Pro

Charger Integrated With Housing Shelter
- A Complete Solution.

AC Chargers- Level 2
(7.2KW to 42KW)
DC super charger with 8/10 terminals
Real-time Network Monitoring and Backend Analytics
DC Off Board Chargers
(CCS1,CCS2, CHAdeMO, GB/T)- 15kW/ 25kW/ 30kW/ 50kW/60kW/100kW/ 120KW/150kW and upto 300kW)
Battery Swapping Stations
(Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Manual)
Mobile application for drivers
  • DC Fast Charger with Double Connectors
  • High-Performance, Low Maintenance Networked Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Touch Screen Display's the information like Voltage, Current, KWH, Total time of charge, SOC, Remaining time to full charge, etc.
  • Compatible with present and future EVs
  • Wider voltage range from 150VDC - 550VDC
  • OCPP 1.6J Compliant, Inbuilt RFID Reader
  • Optional Credit Card Reader
  • Protection for Overcurrent, Over voltage and under voltage, Ground fault,Surge protection, Protective Earthing, Leakage current
  • Password protection display
  • CE Certified Design
  • Warranty and AMC up to 5 years

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