Nest-In’s CanvaNest is an aesthetic, tensile-fabric-based canopy solution

An aesthetic canopy structure made with high-quality tensile fabric, CanvaNest can be used for a variety of applications, both personal and commercial. Tensile structures are created by pressuring or tensioning a membrane and fashioning structures out of them. Here, one might have a doubt about a membrane’s capacity for acting as a base to structures that are built to resist extreme weather conditions but the answer lies in the way they are built. Due to the high pressure applied, the fabric starts behaving almost like a solid structure that resists rain, snow or prolonged sun exposure. But the standout feature of tensile fabric structures is that they are highly flexible and can be moulded into high appeal, aesthetic shapes. Further advantages of tensile structures are that they are lightweight, provide protection from UV rays and need less steel than traditional concrete structures.

CanvaNest finds its application in vehicle parking, EV charging stations, as gazebos and garden sheds, in walkways and more. When used as a vehicle canopy, they provide efficient protection from adverse weather conditions and shade to the vehicles. For personal use, you might consider it as a patio cover or a garden shade and for commercial use, these are highly relevant in parks and driveways.

Features and Benefits

Higher Protection
  • Protection from UV
  • Protection from Heat
  • Flame Retardant Membrane
Quality Assurance
  • High Quality Tensile Fabric with 10 Years’ Warranty
  • Core Structure made with TATA Structura
  • Execution by Authorized Channel Partners Only
  • Unique Shapes
  • Aesthetically Modern Looking
  • Lumious Shed Solution
Space Optimization
  • Less Foundation Work as the Tensile Fabric is Light Weight
  • More Ground Space with Lesser Structure
Low Maintenance
  • PVDF Coating doesn’t Allow Dust to Settle
  • Can be Cleaned with Normal Soap Water

Applications of CanvaNest

CanvaNest is the right choice for someone looking for canopy solutions with aesthetic appeal. Some ideal applications would be:

Parking Sheds
EV Charging Stations
Covered Walkways
Entrance Sheds