AquaNest from Nest-In is an aesthetically appealing drinking-water-vending kiosk that provides safe water throughout the day while optimizing available space and maximizing water dispensing.

India is a beautiful and diverse country when it comes to terrain, but with these geographical complexities arise several lifestyle challenges that do not have simple solutions. Though nearly half of India is surrounded by the sea, and there are a multitude of water bodies crossing through the country, access to clean and safe drinking water is still a massive challenge for majority of our population. Even today, people in arid regions struggle to get fresh and safe drinking water.

Acknowledging this problem, many corporates and governing bodies have come forward to find solutions. However, due to a dearth of trusted partners who can provide the right solution, projects have been immensely delayed.

To cater to this urgent need, Nest-In introduced AquaNest, a drinking-water-vending-kiosk where one can access safe drinking water at a simple press of a switch. The solution is modular and can be conveniently installed in extremely remote locations, given that the required installation conditions for water supply and usable space are met. Further, the paid model is self-sustainable, helping improve the life of the community in which it is placed.

Features and Benefits

Below are a host of user-friendly features that Aquanest offers:

Purification plant

Manual/Auto operated

RO/UF/UV filtration

Capacity options of 50LPH, 100 LPH, 250 LPH, 500 LPH and 1,000 LPH

Easy to use single phase design that works up to TDS 2000ppm

IS 10500 compliance


Aesthetically attractive and robust modular unit

Insulated steel structure with Galvanized PUF Panels, Stainless Steel (SS) Dispensers and SS product water tank for rust resistance

Option of Coin/ Card Operation

Programmable water quantity selector

Applications of AquaNest

AquaNest is the right choice to provide a clean and safe drinking water solution in any public place.
Some ideal applications would be:

Parks and Gardens



Monuments/Heritage Sites

Bus stands

Schools & Colleges


Highway Halts

Smart Cities

Large Corporate Campuses