Nest-In is Tata Steel’s smart steel based modular construction solution. With its pan-India presence, and highly efficient delivery mechanism, Nest-in strives to provide complete turnkey solution with unique customer experience at its core. It is suitable for various applications like pre-fab housing, pre-fab modular toilets, portable cabins, security cabins, etc.

The offerings of Nest-In are geared towards meeting existing and upcoming requirements under various government initiatives like Swacch Bharat program, Smart City initiatives and CSR initiatives of various corporates. Apart from these, Nest-In has a basket of offerings which caters to various light weight pre-fabricated construction solutions requirements for projects and operations.

Key Technical features of Nest-In:

Accelerated construction.
Better seismic resistance.
Lesser construction legalities.
Light weight.
High accuracy in construction.
High convenience.
Reduces pilferage.
Better quality control in a factory line setting.
Relocatable with greater salvage value.

Certifications & Quality assurance norms:
Nest-In steel components are IS Code/Euro Code. Nest-In non-steel components are IS Code compliant.