Nest-In is Tata Steel’s smart steel based modular construction solution. With its pan-India presence, and highly efficient delivery mechanism, Nest-in strives to provide complete turnkey solution with unique customer experience at its core. It is suitable for various applications like pre-fab housing, pre-fab modular toilets, portable cabins, security cabins, etc.

The offerings of Nest-In are geared towards meeting existing and upcoming requirements under various government initiatives like Swacch Bharat program, Smart City initiatives and CSR initiatives of various corporates. Apart from these, Nest-In has a basket of offerings which caters to various light weight pre-fabricated construction solutions requirements for projects and operations.

Key Technical features of Nest-In:

Eco-friendly construction process involving 100% recyclable steel and dry construction method.
The patented DippleKlick technology.
Made of cold rolled high strength galvanised steel which is highly seismic resistant.
The thermal insulation between the internal and external wall cladding.
Wall cladding of high densityfibre cement boards, provides conventional look and feel & strength to the walls.
The brand name TATA – a hallmark of quality products.

Certifications & Quality assurance norms:
Nest-In steel components are IS Code/Euro Code. Nest-In non-steel components are IS Code compliant.


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