How Modular House Construction Influences the Construction Industry

Over the years, construction technology has evolved significantly. One of the most noteworthy innovations that have gained immense popularity is constructing modular homes in India. While the modular houses or prefab homes in India were first built in the ’60s, they were used only on an experimental basis.


In the context of urban housing, the massive shortage of quality living spaces, especially in developing countries like India, modular construction is gaining prominence. The government is also searching for sustainable solutions for building a large number of housing units faster, which eventually is encouraging the use of modular construction in India


Let us see why modular construction technology is fast gaining popularity in the Indian context:


  1. Constructing the Individual Parts

Like car manufacturing, modular construction technology has reduced home building to a few vertical elements or modules. These modules are built with precise connection points for windows, roofs, and exterior walls. The modules or elements are treated as different components and are manufactured individually.Once the components are built, they can be assembled into a number of layouts. The construction process also enables the integration of modern technological elements like solar panels for energy savings- without any hassle.


  1. Allows Faster Production

As the individual components or modules are built off-site in a factory setting, modern machines allow mass production of the components faster than the traditional building method.
This reduces the overall construction time by more than 50% for prefab homes in India.


Quick Installation

The modules that are constructed in a factory are assembled and installed at the actual site. Since most of the construction work is fabricated at the factory, only the on-site installation work remains. This process reduces the delay in the construction time, and thus, one can view the finished project timely and within a few weeks. Another point to be highlighted here is that modular construction eliminates the hassles of delay in the project completion due to unsuitable weather conditions, shortage of workers, or delay in the raw material supply.


Quality Consistency

A few significant factors where modular construction in India has the edge over the traditional construction technique is that it offers quality assurance in the production process. The components are built using the highest quality materials, and since the majority of the manufacturing process is completed in a factory, the construction is done in compliance with strict manufacturing standards. Additionally, a comprehensive and integrative design eliminates the risk of common errors found in traditional buildings.

With such unique benefits of constructing a modular house in India, experts suggest that the technology will gain more and more popularity in the future and will be the go-to construction method for public and private sector construction projects.

Posted in Nestudio on Jul 27, 2021.


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  • i impress your project and also i have one apartment site at salem tamilnadu now its status is upto first roof concrete completed . i am interested with your support for me to complete our project. pl give a suggestion for ours. this is apartment project 4 floor with 9 houses each total 36 houses with car psrking thsnks
  • selvaprabhu 3 days ago

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