Higher Protection

  • Protection from UV.
  • Protection from Heat.
  • Flame retardant membrane

Quality Assurance

  • High Quality Tensile Fabric with 10 years' Warranty.
  • Core structure made with TATA Structura.
  • Execution by Authorized Channel Partners only.


  • Unique Shapes.
  • Aesthetically modern looking.
  • Lumious Shed Solution.

Space Optimization

  • Less Foundation Work as the Tenasile Fabric is light weight.
  • More ground space with lesser structure.

Low Maintenance

  • PVDF coating doesn't allow dust to settle.
  • Can be cleaned with normal soap water

Tensile Fabrics is a Multi-Layer Composite material with densely woven low-wick yarn in the base fabric. The surface lacquering is done with a new blend ofhighly concentrated "Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF)" and reinforced with a protection layer of "Titanium dioxide (TiO2) Nano-Primer".

Sample Design Options