Tata Brand: A symbol of Trust

The gospel truth about Tata Brand is the credence and pledge of quality. Keeping the Indian customer in mind, the research team integrated the various aspects of perseverance and resistance to fire, mechanical impedance and cohesion, along with aspects like durability, imperishability etc.

Earthquake & fire resistant

This construction is well tested and its endurance is highly appreciated. The framework is made up of steel and is fire resistant. As the walls are made up of cement fibre board’s on both the sides

Shorter Lead Time

In comparison to the regular brick mortar house which takes months to stand, Nest-In house takes very less time to be erected on a flat land. This is not only economical but also takes away the apprehensions.

Aesthetically attractive

All different kinds of aesthetically appealing paints are compatible with Nest-In walls, both inside and outside.

Single-point Sourcing

Contact your nearest Nest –In solution partner and your work is done. Everything from accretion, installation, labour and on-time delivery is our look out as our aim is to take away your worries.

Environment friendly and Easy to build

Being eco-friendly, Nest-In solution is what you need to keep your surrounding green. There is no need of welding or cranes and even usage of water is almost nil. It does not create any constructional debris like traditional cement and brick houses.

Withstands high wind speed

Our single slope structure can tolerate wind speed upto 40 m/s whereas our gable slope structure is effective upto 50 m/s making it efficient in most of the parts of India.